The Yellow Wallpaper

Production design for a distributed reading of ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’, a short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The reader’s voice, and intention, interacts with the pattern of the titular paper. This project uses speech recognition via Wit.ai, audio input from the reader’s laptop and osc messaging from a touch screen mobile device. Introduction. The Yellow… Continue reading The Yellow Wallpaper


Carpet Weavers is an installation which consists of a projection mapped on to a physical object – a pile of cardboard cubes. This work was exhibited in January 2020, as part of Push Pop Repeat, a showcase of MA Computational Art student works. My art practice is generally very conceptual, and can be quite sombre… Continue reading _carpet_weavers

Worlds smallest violin

Next Friday (as of 23/02/2020) I will be having a class where I am part of a group discussion where we all thrash out what our research projects might be for the next term. This is the second research project I’ve undertaken in this particular field, the first being a group project investigating sound pollution.… Continue reading Worlds smallest violin

Like bunnies; the multiplicity of the digitally witnessed moment

Image credit unsplash-logoJennifer Chen What is it that a screen does as intermediary between the witness and the moment? What happens as the act is captured, and given a new beginning and end, new dramatic beats and punctuation? When the act has been captured, what happens to the veracity of the compressed act, its components… Continue reading Like bunnies; the multiplicity of the digitally witnessed moment


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