Workbook 8.

Workbook 8.
22m30s ; 2016

Created for the exhibtion ‘Invitation to Participate’ held at Sticks Gallery, ‘Workbook 8.’ is a video work the subject of which is an excel spread sheet to which the artist adds a range of personal data. An exploration of the pressures of being quantifiably well and demonstrably healthy, the video becomes increasingly frenzied as more data is added. Peppered with darkly comic comments – for example she rates each workout she undertakes by how smug she feels after having done it – the work also explores the modern working environment, particularly the exhausting reality of the ‘portfolio career’ and the blurring of the personal and the professional. Presenting us with details including her calorific intake, bank transactions, social media engagement, sleep or lack thereof and alcohol consumption the work is frankly honest and at times uncomfortable. As is often the case with Tindle’s work, Workbook 8. wavers between the tongue and cheek and the fatalistic.

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